Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fashion mishap?

The Zima sisters at the 2007 Hollywood Style Awards. I don't know what movies Vanessa and Yvonne are in, but you might remember eldest sister Madeline, right, as Gracie Sheffield from The Nanny. Anyway, what kind of dress is Yvonne (middle) wearing? Take a look at the top of the dress. Doesn't it look like a bra to you? It does so to me. The whole ensemble looks like a tube dress lowered down to below the breasts and topped with a bra. Not a good look. And with that hairdo, she seems to scream 1992. But anyhoo, it's a good vintage outcome, especially if she sported that look unwittingly.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

That mandatory MJ entry

1958 - 2009

Michael Jackson has died. I think now is the time, more than ever, to blame it on the boogie.

One simply must respect the enormity of Michael Jackson's death. Shame on those people who were suing him for cancelling his shows, kinda obvious he had a valid reason.

In the long run how much does it affect you...Didn't you all forget about him because of his trials and the last album?

Rest in peace, genious.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Good riddance

If you're wondering, the boyfriend and I are no more. He dumped me like he never went to school.
I'd say good riddance. I didn't have feelings for him in the first place. True I loved him, but the love came well into the relationship. And I'll get a new guy in no time - not that I'm desperate for it. He was in competition with another guy from the old office when he approached me, and even back in my fat and pimply days in New Zealand the best-looking guys around hit on me.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Remember when pre-teens were actually mini grown-ups?

I came across the first episode of Girl Talk on Youtube the other day. If you grew up between the late '80s to the early '90s (or mid '90s to those in Indonesia), you must remember a series of books chronicling the everyday life of four 13-year-olds from the fictional city of Acorn Falls, Girl Talk. Well this show Girl Talk wasn't an adaptation of the series into the small screen. Instead the show, which aired in 1989, was a talk show where three host, the then very young Soleil Moon Frye, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Russell Koplin, discussed girly matters like sleepovers, clothes, boys, school, music, and boys.

Anyway, here's the only surviving episode (on YouTube) of Girl Talk. It's comprised of three parts, but we need only the first and last bits...

Take a look at their school clothes and the going out clothes that they wear to see the Knight brothers. Don't you think Soleil's yellow shirt looks two sizes too big? Russel's school clothes too heavy? How about their party clothes - TUXEDO!? On a girl? The black blazer and mini dress on Soleil scream a 13-year-old trying to pretend she's 25. Which sets me thinking. There must have been no pre-teen fashion back in the day. The likes of Urban Angel and Jay Jays must have been non-existent. You were either a kid or an adult, and adulthood started at 16.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Hey hey Blogger :) Finally I jumped on the tagcloud bandwagon! What a refreshing feeling! Ok, first thing first. I'd like to wish someone a belated 33rd birthday, and look what I've found for you, you huge Burger King fan!

That's four-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar, in a 1981 Burger King commercial. It's said to be one of the first commercials that blatantly named their competitors, and obviously McDonald's sued Burger King, the advertising agency that released the commercial, and the then four-year-old Sarah! The charges were dropped a year later, but I wonder if she was (or still is) ever banned from McDonald's...