Monday, 20 June 2011

Ooh that's a familiar face!

A relatively new (released late last year) by Anika Moa, a New Zealand singer of whom I'm a fan. Ok, the skinny blonde chick with thick kohl around her eyes used to be (maybe still is?) a tutor at The University of Auckland. She didn't get to teach me, which was good since she's only a few months older than me (yeah I know how it feels to have a lecturer/tutor or boss who's younger than you!)

She seems to have a thing for musicians. The tutor/musician I wrote about in my June 4 2011 entry is her ex, and right now she's dating another famous musician, another friend of mine. Just like her ex and present boyfriend, she'll remain anonymous because all three are my friends...And yes they do google their names!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Again on Dare To Be!

This is the second episode of Dare to Be posted on the Oriflame Russia Youtube, which is also posted on the Youtube of Oriflame Poland (hence the subtitles.) As you'll soon find out, it's about the girls giving Dasha a ticket to a MakSim concert for her birthday. For those uninitiated, MakSim is a Russian pop singer.

They obviously aren't in a MakSim concert. Their dance isn't synchronized to the tune. The images of the concert and the girls dancing in the audience are juxtaposed. Again, film makers, stick to realness. If your budget doesn't accomodate, maybe it's time to change the scenario!

And surprise! Claudia the Latina speaks Russian!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

On mature-looking teens...

Actually I'm gonna talk about just one teen. And it's 18-year-old Victoria Justice, star of Nickolodeon's Victorious.

Have a look at the video below.

This one was shot last year when she was 17, but Vic (or Tori?) already looked so mature. Sounded and acted kind mature too. One could easily forget she's still a teen and actually younger than the Disney kids such as Gomez and Cyrus.

But yeah she's indeed still a teenager.

On another note, I got a 3.60 GPA this semester! Yay! This is a bit below my expectation but at least better than last semester's 3.46.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I hate title columns

This is not gonna be a celebrity post, sorry.

I really have to post more often if I'm going to stick to my new year's resolution of whipping out 35 entries this year.

I've been thinking a lot about a friend back in NZ. He worked at the library when we were both studying at The University of Auckland. I remember he told me he was dating a 22-year-old girl somewhere at uni, and I didn't bother to inquire more. Sometime later, I stumbled upon his Myspace, and found a picture of him on what seemed like a double date. It was him, two mutual friends and a chick that I knew but never really talked to. The latter sat next to my library friend. I immediately suspected they were an item (I knew she was 22 years old at the time.)

I was (and still am) jealous of the chick. By 22 years old, she was already a tutor in a second stage English paper and now she's at Oxford doing a Ph.D on a scholarship. I was 23 and struggling with Shakespeare and co.

And yes, I did have a crush on the guy (let's call him Mark.) And I guess the crush has't really died down. They say it's a Taurean trademark to take long to get over someone.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Just wondering...

One of my tutors back at uni in NZ was a famous musician, I'm not gonna mention his name here because I'm gonna talk about him in a rather negative light. About five years ago he blogged on Myspace that he lost his job. I think I didn't have to guess which job - must have been the teaching one at uni. I still wonder why he got fired. Probably for selling his CDs to students? I felt sorry for him for a while, though I knew I didn't have to.