Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello March!

Can't believe March is here. By early February, I'd whipped out five entries, which is a breakneck speed by my blogging standard since moving to Blogger in June 2009. Now I seem to be lagging again.

Thesis madness has really come in full swing. I've just passed the proposal oral defense, and the crazy thing is that I've agreed to have my thesis defense in late April, as opposed to the normal late June or early July. Long story, just wish me the best of luck.

Off topic, I think YouTube sensation Sam Tsui and tiger cub Sophia Rubenfeld (daughter of "Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother" author Amy Chua) really should date! They have so much in common. Sam has just graduated from Yale, Sophia is currently attending Harvard. Sam is a talented singer and pianist (don't tell me you haven't checked out his videos!), Sophia is a talented pianist. Last but absolutely not least, they're half Asians. Together they'd create a whole new breed...