Sunday, 20 April 2014

A rookie K-pop star making his way to my heart...

Hi guys!

Meet my current obsession in K-pop: Park Junho a.k.a Jjun! He debuted on June 14 2012 with the single "Just Cry", and although he hasn't garnered enough recognition even in his native South Korea, a look at the dance version of "Just Cry" will convince you that he has the talent and charisma - not to mention an explosive amount of sex appeal!

This has drawn him comparisons to Rain. Also, did anyone spot a goof? At 02:12, he begins to loosen his tie and his tie does seem loosened the first time he turns around. But as he turns around some more, his tie is tightened again!

According to an interview with French K-pop portal Coree et Cie, Jjun was recruited by a major label manager after winning a dance competition as a teen in 2001, and he was slated to debut with Super Junior (Coree et Cie never mentions the company name, but the mention of Suju gives it SM?) However, Jjun insisted on debuting as a solo artist, and the manager who recruited him later left to form his own company, taking Jjun in tow. The manager's company soon went bankrupt and our trainee K-pop star had to work odd jobs to support himself through university (he attended Chunnam Techno College) and singing/dancing lessons. He did so for 11 years until he was eventually recruited by Cool Family Entertainment and the rest is history....

If he was a teenager in 2001, how old is he now, you might want to ask. According to K-Pop Info 411, he's turning 31 (international age) this April 29. That means he's older than me, so I can officially call him oppa! LOL. That also means he's a fellow Taurean. You know me and my soft spot for fellow bulls...

Jjun made a comeback in October 2013 with the single "Way To Your Heart", the video of which below.

That video was deemed too raunchy for SK and therefore banned...I guess that should've gained him more hype? Oh and the track was also produced in The US.

Jjun-oppa (we're the same age, but I'll call you "oppa" for the sake of formality - and cuteness), some words of wisdom from one Taurean to another. First of all, you look FAR BETTER with your natural black hair. We Taureans rock the classic look like no other. Secondly, I like how you ooze sex appeal without stripping in your "Just Cry" videos, both the drama and dance versions (ok so you do flash your abs in the "Just Cry" live performances, but that's beside the point.) The abs display in your "Way To Your Heart Video" is too much. Another thing we Taureans pride ourselves on is the fact that we boast sex appeal without showing so much skin - in other words, WITHOUT TRYING TOO HARD. So keep your top on next time juseyo!

Jjun recently took part in Arirang's Simply K-pop tour in Shanghai, China, earlier this month. Not only did he get to perform his songs but also have a duet with former Baby VOX member Kan Miyoun. In the video below, Jjun stands in for Mir (real name Bang Cheolyong) of Mblaq, who originally performed the rap part in Kan Miyoun's 2010 hit "Crazy."

So glad he's got an exposure by performing alongside a more established sunbae - overseas!

I hope it won't take him long to soar to international stardom! I'd love him to try ballads and stop flashing abs. We've got the memo already - he's sexy as hell!

EDIT: I've just realized that this is April 20, only two days away until Taurus season. What better way to open this year's Taurus season than posting an entry about the latest addition to my list of favourite Taureans?