Saturday, 24 January 2015

On Nine Muses' comeback...

After much anticipation, Nine Muses is finally back, having hibernated for one year due to the painful loss of three members: Lee 'Leesem' Hyunjoo, Park Eunji and Ryu Sera. That's rapper, main dancer and main singer respectively. And they're back with two new members: Jo Sojin, who previously appeared in the sub-unit Nasty Nasty with another Nine Muses member Park Kyungri and ZE:A member Kevin Kim, and Lee Keumjo.

It took me a long time to decide what to focus on regarding Nine Muses and their comeback, but I finally decided to focus on their new single "Drama" and Sera's decision to continue her showbiz career apparently as indie musician.

In light of their comeback in mid-2003 with the single "Wild", Sera released a cover of Joss Stone's "Karma." It was professionally shot though it was very low-budget, filmed on the set of "Wild" music video. It kept Mines on the edges of their seats, as promises of her solo career seemed to be looming.

Sera released a couple more cover videos courtesy of Star Empire, but no actual solo career materialised, until news broke that she 'graduated' from Nine Muses.

Now fast forward to January 23 2015 when Nine Muses released a new single titled "Drama." Take a look.

Eldest member Moon Hyuna just celebrated her 28th birthday on January 19. Yes that's her international age, which means in Korean age she's 29 years old. Anyone with any real musical talent and self respect would want to stop prancing around pulling aegyo and looking every bit manufactured past the age of 25. Since her departure, Sera has been very active on her own YouTube channel that she calls RyuTube, releasing cover songs and songs that she writes herself. I guess it was the same reason for Jessica Jung, who left Girls' Generation in October 2014 to focus on her fashion line, Blanc & Eclare.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

A flashback...

Jakarta, mid January 2005
My best friend, let's call her Rose, went to the 18th birthday party of a guy. Her boyfriend's best friend's brother.
I had a crush on her boyfriend's best friend, let's call him Chris, but he obviously didn't like me back.
She went to the party without telling me.
And why should she?
But somehow I felt she'd betrayed me.
I remember feeling anxious, stupid and angry at the same time.
I texted my other best friend, let's call her Jane, one who went to elementary school with the boyfriend.
We agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant somewhere in South Jakarta the next day so I could pour my heart out.
I remember wanting to call her, but it was very late at night.

Nearly ten years later, I'm feeling the exact same way.
Rose is married to someone else.
Jane is still single, and an avid traveler.
I haven't been in touch with Chris since I moved to NZ.
But this feeling is all too familiar...