Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oh how fun it is to stalk each other...

So. I used to think I tweeted for no particular audience, except my followers and non followers whose attention I grab once in a while with my tweets. Wrong. Someone's been following me closely in more or less the same fashion as that stalker from Auckland days. But I don't mind, just a little annoyed. Keep stalking me, love. You have no idea what you're in for.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My boyfriend a potential pedophile?

My ex boyfriend liked to stare at a photo of me taken in 1991 when I was eight years old when he came over. He said my ponytailed, bangs-sporting self was exactly the picture of his ideal girl when he was a teenager. He was 15 when that picture was taken. To be honest, that kind of gave me shivers down my spine. If we'd met in 1991 when I was eight and he was 15, would he have pursued me too? And imagine a 32-year-old staring at a picture of yourself taken when you were a wee kid with some kind of sexual attraction to it...doesn't it give you a feeling that you're around a potential child molester?

Friday, 6 August 2010

Your third (and final) MTV installment.

Holly Grabarek, the winner of MTV VJ Hunt 2010, is gorgeous and it partially reminds me of Ketty Janur Sari, winner of the first MTV VJ Hunt in 1997 from Indonesia. Ketty was (still is, google her and check out her Facebook) utterly gorgeous and other than being crowned the new VJ Ketty also won "The Best Smile" title from the competition's sponsor, Close Up. Ketty's VJ-ing stint was very short-lived. The stunner, then 22, was given a three-month probation contract that was never extended. Many admitted that Ketty wasn't destined to be a VJ. I can recall very clearly watching her hosting MTV Land with Jamie Aditya, and with her the show obviously seemed to lose its usual crazy vibe, and I changed the channel within five minutes. Here's hoping that the same fate doesn't befall Holly...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Stuck on MTV

So what's wrong with being 27 but still cares about MTV? My friend is nearly 30 and yet he tweeted about how he missed the old MTV.

Let's not forget that VJ Utt is 36 and, well, is still VJ-ing. I've no idea exactly how long he's been an MTV Asia VJ, all I remember was that I first noticed him in 1999, alongside old MTV Asia faces such as Sonia Couling, Sarah Sechan, Nadya Hutagalung and Jamie Aditya.

It goes without saying that all those afore-mentioned old MTV faces left the music channel long ago to pursue other careers.

Not so long ago at a party, some friends and I talked about yet another friend who couldn't attend the party due to a family matter (let's call her Stephanie.) A friend, let's call her Floriane, brought up that Steph had been a secretary for nearly seven years. Flo said Steph once wanted to try the music industry, but knew that Steph wasn't strong enough for that. Another friend, let's call him Oscar, said that stuck people were those who couldn't get out of their comfort zone, either because they really didn't want to or wanted to but lacked strong will. We all agreed that stuck people would hardly get anywhere in life. That reminded me of VJ Utt, the only remaining old face from the 1990s MTV. VJ's come and go, but not Utt. He stays put.

Utt's bio on the MTV Asia VJ Hunt website starts with, "Over the years, Utt has established himself as the face of MTV Asia..." Now that line sounds flattering. How can it not sound flattering. Thirty-somethings and their teenage nephews and nieces and three-year-old children can identify Utt with MTV Asia. But my typical Arts student mind sees a grim side underneath that statement. When three generations recognize you and link you to only one thing, be it a product or a company, you know something in dire need of change is going on.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Indonesians rule!

Singapore's Holly Grabarek has just been crowned the latest MTV Asia VJ. Well, rumor has it that her mother's actually Indonesian. If this is true, that would make three Indonesians in the 2010 MTV Asia VJ Hut finalist line-up. There are two finalists representing Indonesia, Alice Yu (who's originally from HK but was born and raised in Jakarta. Confused?) and Ali Agus Ardie (who's obviously Indonesian...kind of...except his mother is American and unless you don't know his name you'd think he's your avarage white guy.) Holly represented Singapore because she currently studies there (maybe grew up there as well.) Anyway, apart from the rumor, Indonesia has the most reps in this year's VJ Hunt line up, which consisted of five finalists, including Dawn Balagot from The Philippines and Kylie Chapman from Malaysia.

So, quoting Ali from his 'thank you for getting me into the top five' video, "Hiduplah Indonesia!" If Holly really does have an Indonesian mother, you might wanna shout, "Hiduplah Indonesia!" to her as well.

Hmmm. Wonder why I still care about this thing at all. I thought I was waaayyy past my MTV phase, just like any normal 27-year-old.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

God is the most creative teacher ever.

Hey! This is for Merdeka Adrai and Will Wiriawan who demanded more entries last night at Sari's party! Hahaha :)

Anyway, what to write...

Ah, how about this experience.

When I was working on this layout (by "working on", I mean modifying the ready-to-use layout to make it more personal), I wanted to put my Blogger followers under "followers." I designed the "followers" image on Photoshop on a PNG transparent background, as were with other images such as the ones for fanlistings and the search box. When I uploaded it, the transparent background of "followers" didn't blend with the background colour of the right hand bar, instead it appeared white. It was the first time this thing happened, as I always used PNG transparent backgrounds for right hand bar images. I uploaded other images and the transparent blended successfully. The "followers" was the only image whose background always appeared white against the bar background colour, no matter how many times I tried. Then I changed it to "friends", still on a PNG transparent background, and yes - you guessed it - it worked.

Since I can't be bothered to be witty or sarcastic about the whole experience, I can only be a cliche and say that God was teaching me to be down to earth. To be a likable personality when I eventually become famous. Not to treat those who might look up to me as a justification to feel like a goddess. That your "followers" are actually friends who help you get on top and keep your feet on the ground.

Aduh. My writing style now resembles Triwik Kurniasari's before I told her to browse other writers' works to learn from because her writing style was so stiff. Karma is indeed a bitch.