Friday, 5 February 2010

Spot the goof!

Hi! *waves hand in front of the camera, Natalie Tran-style* Long time no see.

I'm totally in love with Gee, a single by a Korean mega girl group (by "mega" I mean there are nine girls in the group!) called Girls' Generation. Not sure I like their other singles like Oh! and Chocolate Love, but of all the videos on my YouTube favorite list, this one receives the most plays...Yeah, I'm pampering my inner 13-year-old. Hahahah. These girls are so pretty in the "I want to have a daughter so beautiful just like that!" kind of way. Who cares if the girls really did have plastic surgeries, like most Korean stars are rumored to have.

Enough with the gushing. Now can you spot something wrong in the video? I'll tell you a clue. It's in the beginning.

Found it? Given up already? Ok...have a look at one mannequin that's not lined up yet, that of a girl (I've learned their names but still can't tell which is which!), at 0:03. Then pay attention when the guy is carrying the mannequin. When the girl is not carried yet, you get a close-up shot of her so you can observe that there are curls in her hair. When she's carried, you get a medium range shot where you can clearly see the girl's hair is totally straight. That's where the goof is! The "mannequin" in the close-up shot in the very beginning is a real girl. The "girl" the guy is carrying is a mannequin! Why couldn't the director of this video find a wig that was like the girl's hair and put it on the mannequin? If I were a movie or music vido director I'd pay painstaking attention to realness.