Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The future of K-pop...

This kid was born in 2001. Her name is Ennik Douma (but she goes by her Korean name Jeon Somi), half Canadian and half Korean and part of JYP's "Sixteen", a TV show where 16 girls are put together and eliminated one by one (those who stay will be JYP's next girlband - in other words, the next Miss A.)

We're in the fifth generation of K-pop idols, and to me the sixth generation, those born in 2010 and beyond, is already visible. Rumours have it that JYP has already been eyeing Yerin and Yeseo Park (born in 2010 and 2013 respectively.) There's also another pair of kid uljjang sisters Aleyna and Ilayda Yilmaz, who are half Turkish and half Korean. Then there's Breanna Youn, half Korean and half Filipina, who's arguably the biggest kid uljjang right now. Last but not least, we have Bailey Ann Boehr, who's also half Canadian and half Korean and likely to go by her Korean name Park Gabi. Little Bailey has already walked in the footsteps of f(x)'s Krystal Jung, who starred in Shinhwa's "Wedding March" video in 2000 when she was six years old. Bailey starred in Xia Junsu's music video for "Flower", which was out in March, as seen below.

I guess I don't have to point out at what second exactly Bailey appears...

And those are just a few the of possible future idols. Don't get me started on those celebrity kids on "Superman is Back"...

Also, I see a trend in the near future of K-pop. This year, four mixed blood idols debuted: Samuel Kim of 1Punch (half Korean and half American), Vernon Choi of Seventeen (half American and half Korean), Shannon Williams (half Korean and half British) and Jeon Somi (even though being in a reality show doesn't mean she's officially debuted.) The last time we saw mixed-blood idols debuting was back in 2011 when three half American girls (Juliane Alfieri, Melanie Aurora Lee and Tia Cuevas) debuted in Chocolat. Given the fact that most of the kid uljjangs mentioned earlier are mixed blood, it's very likely that for the first time in its history K-pop will have more mixed-blood idols than ever.

This will be good not only for South Korea's image but also the mentality of Koreans...If you've been living in another planet so far, Koreans are known for not liking mixed-blood people - or any foreigner for that matter. Just ask Yoon Mirae or Lee Michelle...or wonder why Kris Wu, Luhan and Tao (real name Huang Zhitao) of EXO left the group!

Saturday, 13 June 2015


I've just had a dream about you, without you. You didn't appear until the very end of my dream.
It was pretty strange. I found myself in your room in your Jakarta house, which your maid said had stayed the way it had been since you left the country after high school. I sat on the floor, legs stretched, not knowing what to do, until it hit me the things in your room were those you didn't want anymore. Then I thought, looking at your backpack on the floor, this backpack is still in very good condition, how can he not want it anymore? Next I opened your closet, a lot of your clothes were still there, and I found a big box. Amongst the contents of the box were several DVD's of Indonesian movies with excerpts written in German and a DVD of something called Band19. It was apparently a compilation of bands performing different songs, and at least half of them were in German.

My driver picked me up and I left your house. On my way home, I told him to go back to your house. I was thinking I should've taken the box with me. Suddenly I found myself in your room again, looking out the window. And then you appeared in a distance.

And that was that.

You see, I always pick up clues from dreams. In 2002, I figured out how the girl my ex boyfriend cheated on me with looked like in a dream - and it turned out I was right about her look. This one was pretty strange. You've never lived in Jakarta, and you weren't in Indonesia for high school. You used to compose songs for bands, but as far as my memory goes you were never in one.

But whatever that dream is trying to tell me, I can't endure this thing any longer.

Saturday, 6 June 2015


Us being Taureans and trying to see who will hold out the longest....

You see, I miss us.
I miss how both of us were into Ayumi Hamasaki.
I don't know about you, but I'm still kinda into her.
You should listen to one of her most recent songs, "Zutto", if you haven't already.
I swear it sounds like it could've been released in 2003.
Which means it has the signature Hamasaki sound :p

I miss us confessing to our deepest darkest secrets.
I hope you really don't do that dirty deed anymore.
The last time we talked, I didn't have any impression that you were still doing it.

You see, if we never see each other ever again,
And you happen to survive me,
And you if you ever miss me...
Don't go to Jakarta.
Go to Auckland.
Go to my campus.
Maybe, just maybe, you remember that back in 2008 I wrote that I'd love to show you the beauty of this country....

ILD <3