Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A beauty pageant junkie?

A blend of Chinese, Samoan, German, English and French, it's not a wonder that singer/songwriter Zeisha Fremaux has ventured also into modelling and beauty pageants. Now it's interesting to take a look at her pageant stints. Let's see...Zeisha was in Miss Auckland 2006 and Miss Howick 2006 (she was second runner up and won Miss Friendship title in the latter.) Yes that's two pageants in a year. Next, she was in Miss Universe New Zealand 2007 in which she won Miss Friendship again, and Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 where she won Best Evening Wear Award. Whoa. That's the same pageant three years apart. What's next, maybe another stint at Miss Universe New Zealand next year or will she switch to Miss World New Zealand? Either way, if she decides to try for a better luck in a beauty pageant we're sure she'll capture the main title.

Oh, and she was with glamour model Vicky Lee Cox in Miss Howick 2006.

Here's Miss Fremaux performing "Every Little Thing", which she wrote about an ex boyfriend, on Balcony TV.

In the description of the video it says that it was shot in July. Man that's the peak of winter! How come Zeisha is only wearing a dress? Oh, I forgot she was raised in Takanini, I've never been there and if it's true that Auckland is the warmest place in New Zealand then should be no wonder. My boss, who was raised in Murchinson, once bragged that winter in Auckland was like summer in South Island.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

My celebrity crush...

Ruby Xiu is sooo cute! The media once described Cecilia Cheung as "candy floss cute" and I would put Ruby Xiu under the same description. I fell in love with Ruby soon after she launched her singing career in 2003 with the single "Beautiful Angel", video of which is below.

Oh yeah, during the early stage of her career, she went under the name Xiao Xiao.

Now how old do you think she was in this video? Many would have been fooled to think she was a teenager. With that candy floss cute face and baby voice, no one could go wrong. Ruby went on to release another single, "Daddy's Little Girl", and I remember reading an article on her in Asian Glitz magazine (RIP) about how her mother groomed her to be a model from a young age (she did start out as a model), how she missed her mother when she went on tour and how she always sought her mother's approval on boyfriend matters. Seriously, what 25-year-old would release singles with such titles as "Beautiful Angel" and "Daddy's Little Girl" and sing them in such a cutesy voice, and also talk about her mother's big impact on life which gave one an impression of a mama's girl?

Yep, Ruby Xiu was 25 at the start of her singing career. For a while her birtyear remained a mystery, and kudos to her management for creating such an image that no doubt appealed to a young audience (and older men with particular inclinations...)

Now nearing 32, Ruby Xiu is still a fresh-faced candy floss cutie. Just look up her official Facebook.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Really Good Gift

On his 30th birthday nearly a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine got himself a haircut that was expensive and took an hour to be done but made him look so much younger. He tweeted that the haircut "makes me look like I'm in my teens." It was definitely worth the money and I think he made a good decision. What's a better birthday gift for yourself than one that seems to shave more than a decade off your actual chronological age?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

When you have no interview call...

Don't despair. It's probably not because of a glicth in your CV. Amongst the many possibilities, one is the company you apply to had a couple of employees who attended your university, these guys didn't perform to expectations and that caused said company to distrust your almamater. Well, that happens.