Thursday, 1 June 2017

Shout out to someone!

Exactly 14 years ago in mid-2003, while still blogging on Pitas I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be half Japanese and half Caucasian and live in Australia. He introduced himself as Kevin Harten. He also sent me a picture.

We e-mailed each other for a short while. He said he religiously followed my entries, and even offered sympathy when I went through issues with some fellow Indonesian bloggers. Then suddenly he stopped writing me.

Around August of the same year (he'd already stopped contacting me by that time), I stumbled upon his picture on a website called (RIP). His e-mail address used on that site was different from the one he used for our communication, and what was weirder was that he went by the name "Bryce" there. I remember telling him what I found, to which I received no reply.

So yeah, hi Bryce/Kevin Harten! Enjoy this blast from the past!