Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dare to Be craze part deux

Yay Dare to Be just uploaded its latest webisode five days ago, check it out.

So it looks like they upload a webisode every three weeks (the first being uploaded in July 2010) plus roughly a "diary" video. Indonesia Oriflame is so freaking late, they just started catching up on it last month, and until now its admin has just uploaded the first webisode and diary video.

And I've just found out Claudia is supposed to be Mexican. There's nothing Mexican about her physique or anything else attached to her. At least Alisha, who's supposed to be Indian, looks like she could be half Indian and half Swedish. So filmmakers worldwide, please do your homework: stick to realness.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jordan Knight and Morgan Oey, the boyband "it guys"...

Morgan Oey (the guy singing the first verse) there with his big bangs and tights reminds me of Jordan Knight in "The Right Stuff" video, out around 23 years ago. Video is accessible here.

If you don't know which one Jordan is, seek for the guy with the most resemblence to Morgan. If that still leaves you clueless, get your aunt to point him out.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What I'm into right now...

I love watching Oriflame's Dare to Be webisodes right now. They were released as a marketing strategy for Oriflame's The Babes and Very Me ranges. Even though Dare to Be is your typical teenager thing (though not teenyboppers, since I think they aim it at late teens in early university years) with the typical themes of boys, fashion, school and friendship and I'm obviously not in their demographic, I like the webisodes all the same. The story revolves around Dasha, Emma, Alisha and Claudia, four university students who live in the same apartment belonging to a retired fashion designer. One slightly annoying thing is that Alisha is supposed to be Indian, yet the actress who plays Alisha looks more Iranian. My favourite webisode is this one, number ten.

Oh yeah, and watch out for Peter, the apartment's supercute handyman who's also the nephew of the fashion designer.