Tuesday, 17 March 2015

On the speculation of one's love life...

Once I came across a tweet which went:

Wang Leehom is married. JGL is married. Jay Chou is married. Takeshi Kaneshiro, you're my only hope.

To which I replied:

Don't worry, out of all F4 members, only Vanness Wu is married.

Jerry Yan, the oldest member of F4 who was often considered the most handsome, turned 38 last January and is still single. It goes without saying that ever since he started his showbiz career as a model long before "Meteor Garden", his love life has been put under public scrutiny. There may be a lot of possibilities that explain his current state of love life, but I never forget one day in mid-2002 when I watched the special feature of an official "Meteor Garden" DVD. There, the then 24-year-old Jerry Yan talked about his love life. One particular quote, translated into English, caught my attention:

Of course I like girls. When I was a child, my mother taught me to like girls.

Before you have a go at me, please bear in mind that I'm a translator myself. No one in my trade fully trusts any translated script because when we translate, we turn the original text into one that makes sense in the target language. That means we often have to reduce some meanings. Now I wish I still had that DVD so I could show it to any of my Mandarin-speaking friends that special part to know what Yan was actually saying...