Monday, 20 March 2017

My two cents on "Kong: Skull Island"

Hi hi everyone!
Just wanna let you know that I'm still alive and well. Actually planning to move to another host as I've been on Blogger almost eight years. I was on Pitas for six years so eight years on a blog provider is definitely way too long in my book.
So I just watched "Kong: Skull Island" yesterday and for those not in the know I have a penchant for stupid monster movies. I even watched that forgettable Dwayne Johnson and Vanessa Hudgens vehicle...
"Kong: Skull Island" won a favorable review from Time magazine, and nah I'm not going to talk about the latest Kong installment pays tribute to its 1933 predecessor by reprising a couple of iconic scenes such as the fight scene between Kong and a giant lizard during which Kong rips apart the lizard's mouth. Instead, I'm gonna talk about a certain character which, albeit visible, leaves audience wondering if this character serves any purpose whatsoever.
It's the only Asian character in the movie, simple called Miss San, played by Chinese actress Jing Tian.
So San is part of the expedition led by Monarch and the US army because of her expertise in marine biology. Throughout the movie, San is mostly silent. She probably only has a total of four lines, and when she says them you can't miss a slight accent...which makes you wonder about her background: she can't be American, nor can she be Chinese...The movie is set in 1973, the peak of Cultural Revolution so no Chinese could get out of the mainland. Or maybe the character is Taiwanese? If so, how the hell does she get into the expedition? At least the only Brit in the movie, James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), has a background.
So I can officially argue that San is there to serve the current buzzword that is diversity amidst cries of white-washing that befall major, much-anticipated projects such as "Ghost in the Shell." Also, remember how everyone thought the 2016 Academy Awards was racist? Couple that with Donald Trump's presidential win, America needs to do all it can to make itself look cool again. She serves no other purpose.

At least this special feature gives an illusion that San matters at all.