Sunday, 22 September 2013

Congratulations where congratulations are due

Someone's having a good time digging my long-buried skeleton.
On a happier note, congratulations on the birth of GEK.
She's a Taurean, I see.
Taurean girls are awesome :)
Enjoy the ride?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Infinite OGS Jakarta short report

So here's my own account of Infinite's One Great Step (OGS) concert in Jakarta, which was held on August 31.

I'm gonna keep it short and focused on the things that grabbed my attention and have staying power.

Before the concert started, I was worried that I wouldn't understand a single thing except the English lyrics of Infinite's songs. OGS was my first K-pop concert and I'd always wanted to go to a K-pop concert (I actually considered going to see Miss A and SM Town when they came to Jakarta), but I never went to one because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sing along. It turned out that Infinite boys spoke to the audience in English and their English was FAR BETTER than expected, although if it was obvious that they practiced their English conversation before the performance. Hoya, the band's frequent "English announcer", particularly impressed me when he said towards the end of the concert, "We have sad news to break to you guys - our concert is coming to an end." For a guy who was often made fun of for his, "We're concept [sic] is unique," and "We're first travel [sic]," this was HELLA IMPRESSIVE.

After which the boys did the "sangat sedih" aegyo. "Sangat sedih" in Indonesian means "very sad."

Did I mention that the boys did more than saying the standard fares "terima kasih", "selamat malam" and "lebih keras"? Get this - they actually managed to talk to each other in Bahasa Indonesia. I don't remember most of their Indonesian conversation (because I was so filled with "fangirl feels"), but I clearly remember Sunggyu saying, "Tadi malam saya tidak bisa tiduru [sic]."

And if you're wondering, yes they did sing "Pelangi." Now that's a standard fare for international musicians having concerts in Indonesia. Needless to say, this was the only song I could sing along to.

And yes, Sungyeol and Sungjong's birthdays were celebrated on stage with a tiered cake that said "Happy birthday Sungyeol & Jong." Hahahahah. How hard was it to add "Sung" before "Jong"?

All this in addition to the performances (or "stages" as the seven princes called it), one word to sum it up: daebak.

Wait, that's an understatement...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Our maknae is officially not a baby anymore! Or will he forever be?

Today is the 20th birthday of Infinite's maknae Lee Sungjong. Even though he's 21 in Korean age, to me his real age is the international one. So yeah, congratulations Jongie on officially becoming a 20-something!

Here's a slew of videos highlighting my favourite Jjong moments!

Predebut Sungjong dancing to Wonder Girls' "Tell Me." He's in right there in the middle, dancing very comfortably in a mini skirt.

Jongie was only 16 when he performed this and Infinite had just debuted, but he's all smiles and confident. Boy was born to be a performer.

Yes, this performance again. A fancam this time. Gotta credit Sungjong for awakening my long-comatose boyband phase!

Oh by the way I DID go to see The Jakarta OGS on August 31. Fan account coming soon!