Thursday, 29 July 2010


Been revamping my old Diaryland blog for the sake of giving the people checking my archive there a bit of an eye candy. Nearly ready, check it out here. Next, the front page of my Diaryland archive, then the "goodbye" page of my Pitas archive. Lots of work.

For those who haven't noticed the change in the "about Isyana" section, I've been accepted into The University of Indonesia's postgraduate studies in International Relations, where I'll focus on Terrorism. Sweet! I never really intend to go back to UI, I never really prayed for it (except when the entrance exam was about to begin.) Instead I kept on praying (still do, actually) to get that coveted job as an Administration and Research Officer at The Embassy of New Zealand, for which I've been interviewed twice, to qualify for a Master's degree at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore (one of their entry requirements is at least a year of experience in a field related to International Relations.) I guess this God's plan, and I'm a firm believer that God knows best.

Besides, Terrorism sounds pretty fun. S. Rajaratnam doesn't have this specialization. My NZ almamater, The University of Auckland, doesn't have it either. I think not many schools in the world have a Terrorism specialization and standing out from the crowd is still one of my strongest suits.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Love! It's been two years since your Europe trip. Hasn't been overseas again ever since, huh? Yeah same here. I told you we'll end up together.

See. Almost normal. The near future sees this blog contain random mutterings like its Pitas predecessor.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pop songs...

I can see myself blogging properly again. Just like in the good old days of Auckland and its predecessors.

Speaking of pop music, Ellie Goulding is still unheard of in Indonesia, but I can totally see this song of hers become a hit in New Zealand. This just the kind of music that fits the taste of the Kiwi market.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

On work

Hey guys!

Finally got rid of that title box for my fanlisting section. I was just experimenting and voila, it's gone!

For those who are wondering about my employment status, well, I still teach...Adults (ranging from university students to senators) and teenagers now - not kids anymore thank God - somewhere in Thamrin, next to Hotel Nikko and the famous Wisma Nusantara. And while this gig might be the second best gig I've had so far after Student Aide at The University of Auckland, I'm still itching to leave. My students are cool, some of them actually dote on me (buying me lunch and stuff...), and the money is better, but I long for something more exciting.

I'm so jealous of those who don't have to go through a process of finding an employment that they can truly be content with. My best friend, for example, just had to sit there and a number of jobs (all of which are ones the avarage Janes and Joes would kill to get their hands on) are offered to her on a sterling silver tray.