Thursday, 27 February 2014

First Product Review - Original Source's Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel

G'day everyone! Let's take a break from the ever-effervescent (haha love how that sounds) world of K-pop with my first ever product review, that of Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel from Original Source (picture(s) coming soon, if my iPhone 4S and internet connection will cooperate.)

Yes, you heard me right. Original Source has finally broken into the Indonesian market, and as far as my observation goes currently only its shower gel range is available, at the likes of Guardian and Century. It has also entered the market of small towns as I bought my Vanilla Milk and Raspberry at a Giant near my workplace in Cikarang.

Anyway, if you have a look at the website, you sure have an idea of what the Original Source shower gel bottle looks like. It really is designed upside down, so when you open the cap you need to be careful not to spill the shower gel. You can't put the bottle with the other side down because of its arching end. So in terms of bottle design, obviously practicality isn't a top priority.

Vanilla Milk and Raspberry shower gel smells nothing short of heavenly. It reminds me of raspberry cream on a puff pastry. I was expecting the scent to stay profoundly on my skin like Caramel Shower Gel from Cottage, but said scent only lingers faintly. In terms of whether it actually softens the skin (in my case it doesn't dry my skin but it doesn't leave a thin film of oil either), I should say it has the effect of most other shower gels, with the exception of (again) Cottage's Caramel Shower Gel which leaves your skin instantly smoother.

All in all, if you're the type that looks for the sensation of awesome-smelling shower gel while bathing, Original Source's Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel is a good choice. In terms of anything else, maybe you'd better stick to your dermatologist-prescribed shower gel...