Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just stopping by

I was listening to Diana Yukawa's Snow Globe when something crossed my mind. For those uninitiated, Diana Yukawa is an Anglo-Japanese violinist whose mother is Susanne Bayly, a ballerina and artist, and father is Aki Yukawa, a Japanese banker who died in a plane crash about three weeks before Diana was born, in 1985. Diana has an older sister, Cassie, who's a pianist and one half of the famous Yukawa-Chan duo.

Now I'm sure everyone's heard of Amy Chua, Yale law professor and author of the uproar-causing book Battle Hymm of The Tiger Mother. Her two daughters, just like Yukawa sisters, are also talented musicians. Chua's eldest, Sophia, plays piano and her youngest, Louisa, plays violin.

So what do Amy Chua and Susanne Bayly have in common? They have two half Asian girls, the eldest girls play piano and the younger ones play violin, plus the two sets of sisters are respectively four years apart in age.

Ok, singing off. Gotta get back to assignments.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tackiest K-pop act ever?

I've looked at music videos of many Korean girlbands in the past ten years, from Fin KL to Girls' Generation, but have never come across anything so tacky.

At check out the end of the music video. What a rip-off of the Miss Dior Cherie commercial!

Negative notes aside, I'd like to wish Orange Caramel's Oh Hye Rin (better known as Reina, the bob-haired one) a happy 22nd birthday as it's already May 7 in Indonesia. Seriously chick, don't you feel you're too old to sing silly songs in even sillier costumes?