Friday, 30 May 2014

One menacing entry

Hey you.
I've always thought it was you.
Just now I found out I was right all along.
Bully me all you want.
But that won't change the fact that your name is still the number one top search on my site.
And it looks like you've been getting more famous these days.
Try to enjoy fame, will ya?
People would kill for fame.
Fame - not notoriety.
You get it with little, if any at all, effort.
Count your blessings for once.

PS: I hope those tweens did find your skeletons. Oh wait, they probably ended up on my page in the process :p

Someone's pushing 40...

Hello DAA. It's been a while. Yes, I know you've been lurking around. This song's for you.

Happy birthday <3