Saturday, 9 August 2014

Particular hoobaes to Big Mama...

I'm currently crazy about "Quecera Cera" (yes believe your eyes, that's exactly how the song is titled) by Bay.B, a three-member girl group under Can Entertainment. Check out the video below.

That's such a half-hearted bathtub scene. No one takes a dip in their underwear.

If you've been into K-pop longer than the kids in SM Rookies have been alive, I'm sure the girlband's sound reminds you of the greatness that was Big Mama. For those who missed out on Big Mama...

So far, no recent K-pop groups have ever done justice to this song. Spica covered "Break Away" well but they still lacked the oomph factor, and Sistar was just hopeless...

I'm not trying to claim that Bay.B is the new Big Mama, but the "Break Away" video to me is like a sign that in the near future there will a girl group that's about as talented. And that girl group will consist of slim yeojas. I'm sure that even though Can Entertainment has never blatantly marketed Bay.B as the next Big Mama, they strive to be taken as seriously as people took their legendary sunbaes. Check out this video of Bay.B practicing before their debut in May 2014, covering Big Mama's "Woman" and "Nevermind."

Too bad the video is edited so we can't see which parts of the songs Bay.B might be lacking in. Can they pull Big Mama songs off? You be the judge.

My favourite is Seola, the visual, not only because she has a nice voice (although she's not the main vocalist), looks unique compared to the other two who could be mistaken for any random girl group member, but also because she's a Taurean (haha yeah me and my penchant for fellow Taureans.) She's the one wearing a white top while singing the second song in the practice video, showing a Taurean trait of dressing with flair.

EDIT (8/30/14): Looks like the girls' popularity is growing, as I've just found a Bay.B forum where a Spanish-speaking fan figures out what the girls' stage names might mean: leader Miho's name is likely to be pronounced like "mio" which in Spanish means "mine", "Seola" is pronounced "sola" which means "alone" and maknae Miel's name means "honey" in French. Pure genius. I've also found one of the girls' real name, which I won't publish here in case she might want to go anonymous and attack some model did.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

For someone's milestone...

Happy birthday RHS!
A warm welcome to the club!
Things went sour
We grew apart
Some call it growing up
But the beautiful memories we shared stay in my heart
Always have
Always will