Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What grabbed attention and what is overlooked...

Hey guys! I'm done with my thesis defence, so now I'm officially an M.Sc...which honestly I'm not too excited about. I'm not too happy about my thesis (which is on IRA), as I think it's just skin-deep and could've been deeper. But oh well. My final cumulative GPA isn't out yet. Will let you know you once it's out, whether or not you want to know...

Hokay, it goes without saying that it's not what I wanna talk about. I'm currently crazy about yet another Korean girlband - not a crazy, over-the-top one, mind. They're called Chocolat (funny how the members sometimes refer to themselves as "THE Chocolat" instead of "LE Chocolat"), they've been around since August 2011, but so far they've lost a member (Jae Yoon, the main singer, is reportedly taking a leave because of some health issues) and only released two singles.

It's funny also how they're billed as "South Korea's first multinational girlband" just because three out of four the members are American citizens...Aren't there many Korean bands whose members were born and raised in The US (mostly) and are therefore US citizens? Not to mention Miss A and f(x) that have Chinese members. Oh wait, these three girls are Eurasians. Yes, long-time readers, that's one of the things that drew me to them in the first place.

Now, on to the big (notorious now) name behind Chocolat. I guess by now you've all heard of Jenny Hyun, the writer of Chocolat's recent hit "One More Day" (Hyun once uploaded this song on her MySpace under the title "The Same Thing to Her"), and her major racist tirade on Twitter against black people, triggered by boxer Floyd Mayweather's racsim-laden twits against Jeremy Lin and Manny Pacquiao (read Hyun's rant in detail here). While I know this is nothing compared to the songwriter's (Hyun has also written songs for Girls' Generation) racist rampage, I find something noteworthy in Chocolat's music videos for "Syndrome" and "One More Day." Take a look.

Tia Cuevas (Korean-Puerto Rican) and Melanie Aurora Lee (Korean-German-Italian) get more camera time than the other girls.

Tia gets more camera time than the rest of the girls!

Mild racism, anyone?