Monday, 21 November 2011

Guilty pleasure...

Ok, I admit I have a thing for over the top, ridiculous Korean girlbands! A few months ago I wrote about Orange Caramel, now I've just discovered f(x)! Check them out.

It's impressive how they managed to bring a tank and dye it black and pink...

My favorite is a tie between Krystal Jung, younger sister of Girls' Generation member Jessica and former child model (when she was six, Krystal appeared in Shinhwa's "Wedding March" video), and Amber Liu. Amber Liu is actually an ABC (that's American-born Chinese for those who have just returned from Uranus), and she stands out because, well, she's the boyish one. Amber reminds me of Ella Chen from Taiwanese girlband S.H.E for those who are old enough to remember the early 2000s, except maybe Ella wasn't that boyish if I remember correctly.

I guess it's a current trend in the Korean music industry to recruit Chinese members. Besides Amber Liu, f(x) has another Chinese member, Victoria Song. Another Korean girlband, Miss A, also has two Chinese members, Meng Jia and Wang Feifei.

Friday, 18 November 2011

An idiom and its literal interpretation...

I love Brandon Lee. I've been mildly obsessed with him since 2003. I recently found an MTV interview with him shot in November 1992, just four months before he was killed on the set of The Crow. Take a look.

If you don't have all day, forward it to 1:43 where the son of Bruce Lee talks about punishing a man that broke into his Echo Park house. He says he dislocated the man's shoulder, broke his arm, nose and jaw. It's just interesting how he says it all like it's a walk in the park...while he and the interviewer are actually walking in a park! Good concept, Cult Corner!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

First emotional entry in ages?

Hey you.
Are you still reading this? I kind of believe you still drop by once in a while.
We'll probably never be together.
But I still believe you're my one.
The only one that can read me like a book, despite the fact that we're supposedly astrological disasters.
I'm glad to have what we had.
I can imagine us sitting next to each other.
Me: what we have now is ours, we should keep it a secret.
You: silent, yet smiling knowingly.
Me: hahahah jokes, I've already twitted about it multiple times.

Old readers, don't you miss this kind of posts from my old blog?