Saturday, 26 June 2010

First entry in months...And it's bitchy.

Sippin hot ocha at sushi tei senci after I bought a pair of ultimate skinny jeans and a nice white top at topshop♥independent woman mode: on

LOL. Yes the old bitch is back. That's taken from someone's Twitter. Someone I know, a rich spoiled brat who's just started university. Independent woman? Gimme a break. That's your olds' money you spent on Sushi Tei, the jeans and the top from Topshop. Feel entitled to independence if it's your hard-earned money that you spend on stuff. If you think I'm jealous, please remember that I lived the rich spoiled brat life before I fully entered the work force after I came back from New Zealand. I just never felt independent for spending my olds' dosh on fancy restaurants pre-New Zealand and three Starbucks a day in New Zealand.

Ah well. I'm PMS-ing (yes that's an excuse that will never wear out for women, just like bad traffic jams are a time-tested excuse for Jakartans.)

Blogger doesn't allow their HTML boxes to go untitled now, which sucks. I can't put all my fanlistings together because if I put them under "Stuff" that wouldn't be pretty. So I decided to categorize the fanlistings (like the one for movies that you can see already on the right hand bar), but there's the annoying line that separates each HTML box (one HTML box for each fanlisting category - can't go any other way.) I tried to remove it on the HTML spread sheet, but still can't figure out how.

That's what happens when your webdesign skills never develop...